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24/7 monitoring for slab heave & subsidence conditions, enabling early intervention and data driven diagnosis of issues.

If you're client is building on reactive clay soil, you need SLABsense!

The Problem - Slab Heave


Building homes on reactive clay soil carries the risk of damage from slab heave for years after construction. 

Slab 'heave' is foundation movement caused by the swelling of reactive clay soils as it absorbs water, lifting a building's foundations. When this happens unevenly (eg just one corner or the edges but not the middle) the building's structure is put under excessive strain resulting in cracks and damage. The opposite (subsidence) can also occur as reactive clay shrinks as it dries. 

Houses built during a drought are at increased risk but any significant and uneven change to soil moisture conditions can cause significant damage, complicated diagnosis and often tense legal negotiations.


Class action law suits, building tribunal cases and even just general warranty claims can bring significant costs for legal fees, insurance premiums and repairs. Property buy-backs or demolition are not uncommon in severe cases. 

Several Australian Standards & best practice recommendations aim to help reduce the risk of slab heave but there are so many possible causes, parties and variable conditions that determining the root cause (and potentially fault) can be difficult. 

With urban growth pushing volume housing into areas with far from ideal soil conditions, the problem is not going away!

Introducing SLABsense!


SLABsense takes the guesswork out of diagnosing water ingress and soil conditions, enabling data driven decisions and early intervention. 

Our 'zero touch' smart sensors monitor soil conditions in multiple locations around a home's foundations 24/7 and present the data on an easy to read online dashboard. 

  • No more guesswork.

  • No more single point in time sampling.

  • No more stress.

  • No more confusion about 'who's to blame'. 

  • Our onsite or virtual site consults help determine the best sensor locations for your specific property and issue.

  • Zero Touch Technology - We ship our consumer rental units already configured and transmitting so all you or your installer have to do is bury them.

  • Your personal dashboard clearly shows changes to conditions over time.

  • Local weather rainfall and temp data add further and critical context to help diagnose issues. 


Forensic Plumbers & Engineers

Install in problem areas to more effectively diagnose water ingress and slab heave issues. 




Install at handover to benchmark initial conditions and monitor for issues or risky home owner actions during your warranty period.


Home Owners


Install at any time to have peace of mind that your home's foundations are healthy and address any issues quickly before significant damage occurs. 

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