Monthly Rental - SLABsense Duo
  • Monthly Rental - SLABsense Duo


    SLABsense provides structural engineers, forensic plumbers, insurance adjusters, builders and home owners with 24/7 monitoring for slab heave & subsidence conditions, enabling 'data driven' planning, early intervention or detailed diagnosis of issues.

    This 2 Pack provides simple and effective monitoring of a potential problem area and a control or two problem areas. 

    Effective for monitoring the effect of changes to landscaping, structures, drainage, retaining walls, weather and more over time.  Maps against local weather data. 

    Simple DIY install with instructions or get a local trade to assist. 


    Virtual site consults available across Australia and on-site consults within coverage areas. 

    Pack Includes: 

    - 1 x Month Rental
    - 2 x SLABsensors

    - Optional virtual site consult

    - SLABsense Dashboard Access 

    - Telstra mobile connection & data transfer

    - Data Export in xls or csv format

    - Ongoing technical support 


    If selecting a Virtual Site Consult & Install, please also add this as a seperate item to your order.